IoT technology for smart Digital Assisted Living

Therapaenis improves the experiences of patients and caregivers moving them faster from hospital to their home environment. In today’s healthcare environment, it’s not enough to just diagnose and treat. Patients are looking for ways to manage health conditions before issues arise, and if arise to recover faster and stay healthy long after treatment. Our secure Internet of Things (IoT) technology and medical solutions are developed to work seamlessly across the patient normal every day life, while preserving their privacy.


Therapaenis provides technological and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to measure, monitor, and motivate people to manage their own health.


Therapaenis competencies and equipment offers definitive diagnosis, ensuring the correct diagnosis faster and safer.


From home support to orthopaedic surgeries and trauma treatment, Therapaenis creates new clinical procedures for safer and more adaptive therapies.

Recovery & Home Care

Therapaenis supports patient recovery and elderly assistive living at Home via technological and medical solutions improving health quality at a lower cost.

Research, Innovation and Development

Therapaenis is actively engaged in research, innovation & development in the fields of Assistive Technologies, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), learning and training software for children and adults with physical and/or mental disabilities.

Therapaenis plays an important role by offering a broad network of end-users to cooperating partners together with universities and private research institutions. Our colleagues are actively involved in the innovation process. Their knowledge is collected within the range of more than 1.500 orthopedic surgeries, patient recovery, training and medical consultations per year.

Beyond patients and end user engagement, Therapaenis focuses on user centred development to help people with special needs achieving a higher degree of autonomy.

Patients Monitoring Therapia@Home

As a patient’s condition improves from clinical intensive to general ward and finally at home, the level and intensity of their vital sign monitoring is reduced accordingly. While the transition from hospital to home makes in most cases both clinical and financial sense, a decrease in the frequency of monitoring patients’ progress could risk for a decline in their condition.

Connected wearable devices can bridge this transitional care gap. Therapaenis provides Therapia@home, a fully integrated, wireless and wireline medical-grade wearable solution that connects real-time monitoring data with tools and dashboards, giving actionable insights. Patients may benefit by returning home improving their physiological conditions, while predictive analytics and algorithms enable early detection and intervention, helping providers to improve care while reducing costs.

Therapia@Hospital MMIS

In-hospital medical errors often lead to the so-called “never events” of wrong site, procedure, patient (WSPEs); preventable errors which may result from temporary injury to mortality. Never events can be minimized by automating control procedures in the complete hospital value chain.

Therapia@Hospital is Therapaenis proposal for a safer Smart Hospital healthcare ecosystem. Therapia@Hospital is an innovative, smart hospital Medical Management Information System (MMIS), which aims to simplify, automate and verify internal hospital tracking, reporting and monitoring. Based on both passive and active information stored in low-cost smart tags, Therapia@Hospital allows for real-time drugs/pills lifetime/aptness verification, medication administration via patients’ identification and association with drugs and medical exams, as well as real-time quality assessment.

Therapia@Hospital is under development and pilot validation via the MATiSSE project.

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Built on a foundation of technology and medical experience!

Therapaenis holistic vision of health care and assisted living goes beyond the delivery of treatment and recovery to patients. It includes how we treat and care our patients as part of the process. Bringing a deep clinical expertise and technological background, we deliver innovative technology and medical solutions that really matter.


IoT Technology & Medical Experience


Monitoring & Medical Data Analytics


Information Technology & Medical Services


End-users & Patients Entrustment and Recognition

Contributing to a sustainable World

Therapaenis is committed contributing to a sustainable World by continually improving  our operations, products and services by:

Developing state of the art technology that optimizes healthcare delivery and meets society’s needs

Implementing best practices that assure integrity and accountability

Investing in our personnel and ensuring their well-being at work

Complying with national and European Community regulations and standards.

Creating products that consume lesser energy and contain recyclable substances

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Medical & Corporate Ethical Conduct

As a Technology and Medical Company, acting with integrity is at the heart of Therapaenis culture and company’s mission and vision.

While pursuing our business objectives, Therapaenis doctors and engineers aim to be a responsible partner in society, acting with integrity towards our patients and their families, customers, business partners and shareholders, as well as the wider community in which we operate.


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About Us

Therapaenis is a diversified technology and medical company, focused on improving people’s lives through sustainable innovation in eHealth and patient treatment and recovery. Our enhanced living, health care and medical business makes up 80% of our sales revenue. 

With a combined expertise of more than three decades, we are ready to meet today’s challenges in counselling, innovative Othopediatric surgeries,  medical recovery and home healthcare services by creating technological and medical solutions that deliver better care to more people at lower cost. 

Our personnel of doctors and engineers are committed to helping you create meaningful moments of care, whether in the hospital room, the home or the office.

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